Our Mission

Public Eye is a Philadelphia-area group that produces public events featuring the arts. We focus our lens on the interactions between human and nonhuman animals in order to shed light on hidden or ignored injustices and to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. Public Eye is a project of Mobilization for Animals (PA), a 501C3 nonprofit organization.

Donate to Public Eye
Our programs depend on donations from people who care about animals. Through the arts, we are able to reach people of all ages with our message of compassion for animals. To make a tax-deductible donation to Public Eye: Artists for Animals, click the button below

Lisa, Jim, and Zipora
visit Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, NY
How You Can Help
We are looking for artists and animal lovers of all sorts to contribute their expertise. We have three main events per year and seek people to sit on planning committees. We also need folks to volunteer at our events - one time only gigs. Long term, we need assistance with fundraising and advertising.
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What We Do

Educate the public about animal cruelty issues.
Cultivate compassion via music, dance, theater and visual art.
Empower individuals to use their voices through consumer choice.
Collaborate with organizations and universities to produce public events.

How To Join

Contact us! Lisa Levinson, Zipora Schulz and Jim Harris founded this group in 2005, combining their artistic talents and passion for animals to effect change. Tell us about yourself, your talents and interests pertaining to animal issues. We welcome new members and creative ideas. For more information, please contact Lisa Levinson via phone at (215) 620-2130 or email her at lisa@publiceyephilly.org.


Public Eye’s
Anniversary Dinner

On behalf of Public Eye, our deepest thanks to everyone who made our Anniversary Dinner & Fundraiser a special evening: performers, artists, participants, and staff of Mango Moon. We shared delicious food, great conversation, and laughs as we watched our 5-year retrospective film (prepared by co-founder Jim Harris), listened to Meghan Mitzel's lovely voice as she sang songs from The Unhuggables and Veggie Cabaret, and watched in awe as Moonsong shared her story about the Spider who invented Kente Cloth (as performed in The Unhuggables). Many got great deals on quality artwork and services from our silent auction. We still have a few items remaining if anyone is interested in purchasing them. (Contact Lisa@publiceyephilly.org for a detailed description and list.)

Sincere thanks to Joe Manuppello for his generous donation which made this event possible and to Mobilization For Animals, our supporting non-profit organization.

Public Eye Celebration