Our Mission

Public Eye is a Philadelphia-area group that produces public events featuring the arts. We focus our lens on the interactions between human and nonhuman animals in order to shed light on hidden or ignored injustices and to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. Public Eye is a project of Mobilization for Animals (PA), a 501C3 nonprofit organization.

The Veggie Cabaret project came about as a response to the lack of levity or humor component in the animal rights scene. As we know, animal rights is a serious matter and oftentimes, mixed with much sadness and anger at the state of affairs of injustice toward our non-human animal friends.
We thought that it would be a good idea to bring people of all
palates together under the umbrella of humor and compassion and to include it in the creative atmosphere of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

So in 2007, Veggie Cabaret came to pass. Because of the excellent
response from audience members, Public Eye decided to revisit it in
September 2009 as “Veggie Cabaret 2,” again with featured performer Dan Piraro and many other talented perfomers. The newest cabaret’s emcee, Vance Lehmkuhl, wore many hats, helping with skit writing, singing, sharing his songs, and joining Dan Piraro in "dueling cartoonists." Actress/singer Meghan Mitzel used her theatrical know-how with directing skits. Dancers Michelle Jones Wurtz and Christa Campbell expertly choreographed the opening number, "Some Monks" (by songwriter Paul Nordquist). Philip Jacobson played Inspector Souffle, a "holy roller," and a chimp, all in one evening! We also thank newcomers to Public Eye: Rob Cox (cabaret singer and skit actor), Matt Fennelly (dancer and skit actor), as well as comedians, David Lambon and LaTice Mitchell-Klapa. Artist Carla Mijlin created an animation short, custom-made for this show. We hope you enjoy the photo album slideshow as well as the short, “Greenies.

Veggie Cabaret
Part of the
Philly Fringe Festival


Greenie the Vegan by Carla Mijlin

Once again, Saint Mad band (www.saintmad.com) accompanied the musical numbers. The band consists of musicians Jim Harris, Lynda Chen, Martha Michael, Molly Mahoney, and guest percussionist Lonnie Davis. All these folks contributed to the night's success along with delicious catered vegan food by Veg-N-Go, vegan cupcakes baked by Sondra Rosenberg, and the lovely surroundings of The Rotunda. We thank Mobilization for Animals for their ongoing support with the productions.

View photos from our
2009 "Veggie Cabaret"
Cartoonist Dan Piraro
View photos from our
2007 "Veggie Cabaret"
Cartoonist Dan Piraro
Veggie Cabaret (2007)
Veggie Cabaret 2 (2009)
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