Our Mission

Public Eye is a Philadelphia-area group that produces public events featuring the arts. We focus our lens on the interactions between human and nonhuman animals in order to shed light on hidden or ignored injustices and to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. Public Eye is a project of Mobilization for Animals (PA), a 501C3 nonprofit organization.

Call for Artists!

Public Eye: Artists for Animals seeks artists to participate in our upcoming Myths & Logos exhibit. This group show is an ideal opportunity to let your art speak for the animals. Use your visual voice to create pieces of art about how the animals we love are portrayed in the media versus how they are treated in society.

Participating artists will show their works at the Artisan Café & Gallery in Phoenixville, PA in October. The show will travel to different venues (galleries, cafes, community spaces) to keep the conversation moving. Artists involved with collectives or alternative venues are encouraged to share this Call for Artists. We hope to reach a diverse audience by collaborating with artists, collectives, and alternative venues. 

Exhibit Concept
Myths & Logos is a multimedia exhibit featuring original artwork exploring the juxtaposition between cultural mythology about animals and how they are treated in society. Myths & Logos is a group show, with each piece of artwork addressing specific animal imagery to highlight human-animal relationships. The goals of this project are to raise awareness about interactions between humans and nonhuman animals, explore the use of animal imagery by the media and indigenous cultures, and discuss the visitors’ interpretations of the artwork in a public forum. Once these animals are gone from the wild, our only references to them will be from advertising/media.

In Myths & Logos, artists will interpret the use of animal logos in the media. The artwork will hang next to photographs of the featured animals and exhibit labels describing how these animals are actually treated by society. For example, the mustang is the logo of a car for its qualities of being sleek, fast and strong, yet wild mustangs are being rounded-up in the West and sold at auctions (often to slaughterhouses) because they compete with cattle that also graze on public land. Artists can create new pieces or contribute completed pieces related to the theme. A list of animals/logos will be provided for the artists to choose from, or they can generate their own (i.e. Teddy Bear, Tony the Tiger, Easter Bunny, Bambi, Goose Logo/Wawa).

Between 8.5"x 11" to 5'x4' (artist pays their own shipping if mailing in pieces)
Media may not use animal parts, 1-4 works per artist

Final count of participating artists by 8/31/2011

Art due to Public Eye: Artists for Animals by 9/30/2011, Opening 10/7/2011
To Participate, contact Meg: MegLemieur@gmail.com, (484) 433-7872.